Monitoring & Evaluation

-Ways to evaluate your project -Creative monitoring

Ways of evaluating & collecting data

Collecting data and evaluating what participants think of project can be made really fun and visual for all involved. One example of project which collected people’s feedback was Equally Well.

Equally well was a creative consultation project which worked with community members to use art as tool to feedback on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for North Tyneside. Working with artist Jessica Kinnersley, participants created their own images and work with feedback included. Jessica then used these pieces to create a large textiles piece summarising the key points from the consultation.

Example of creative consultation & evaluation

This video shows a creative way which you can consult and evaluate with participants about projects which have reached completion. This piece of work was created through Covid Stories and reflects on how participants feel their local communities responded to the pandemic.

This animation was created with animator Robin Webb.

Past Pitches Examples

These pitches are real examples of Make it Happen (Artists’ Agency) projects that were successfully pitched, funded and produced.
They are here for reference only, to help you as you plan your own pitch. We ask that they are not reproduced, downloaded or shared publicly.

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