Our Approach

We are committed to overcoming obstacles to arts access and participation, to increasing equality of opportunity with diverse communities and to breaking down barriers between artists and communities.

Our Values

Our person-centred practice supports individuals and community groups to identify, shape and build pathways to find and express themselves as artmakers, arts audiences and arts volunteers.

Our approach helps people explore, reflect upon, and share the narratives that define them and their understanding of the world. It also enables participants to challenge limiting labels and create alternative narratives about themselves and their communities.

Our work thereby helps develop positive community action and self-confidence, and it builds social capital.

We are almost forty years old, and we are still learning from our exceptionally rich past and our incredibly innovative present artistic practice.

Our quality-focused approach means that we are constantly developing and carefully listening and responding to the needs of artists and community members.

We make sure everything we do remains relevant and responsive to ever-changing circumstances, and that our work continues to push the boundaries of art, co-production, and cultural democracy whilst also promoting inclusion, diversity, sustainability, and equitable ways of living and working together.