Helix Arts is an arts charity that has been using art to create change since 1983.

We are Helix Arts

We believe participation in creative activity is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals and communities and therefore should be accessible to all - particularly those in our society with the least opportunities.

Photograph by Mark Pinder

Current work

What we do & why we do it

We believe art, cultural practices and everyday creativity can help us through our lives.

Our art amplifies little-heard voices, helping people feel more healthy and optimistic, and helping people to understand the world and to think about new ways they can educate and equip themselves for uncertain futures.

We use art to generate a much-needed, renewed sense of community.

We do this by connecting exceptionally skilled artists with diverse groups of people from a wide range of backgrounds to co-produce, co-curate and co-evaluate art.

Our work addresses personal and social issues and experiences, contributes to genuine social change, and generates social and cultural capital.

Our recent and current work has a strong emphasis on health and social inclusion.

Photograph by Colin Davison