Equally Well

August - September 2022

An artist consulted residents in North Tyneside about the local authority Equally Well Health and Inequalities plan with some member of the North Tyneside Leaders Together group.


Voda, Meadow Well Connected, Linskill Centre, North Tyneside Art Studio

What is Equally Well?

North Tyneside’s Equally Well Plan is the joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to tackle health inequalities as part of North Tyneside’s high level strategic plan for improving the health and wellbeing of our population.

Healthwatch North Tyneside worked on behalf of North Tyneside’s Health and Wellbeing Board to gather views from local residents and organisations about the plans to reduce local health inequalities.

The plan sets out the short and long term targets for improving six key themes identified for improvement in North Tyneside.

They are:

  • Giving every child the best start in life
  • Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives
  • Create fair employment and good work for all
  • Ensure a healthy standard of living for all
  • Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities
  • Strengthen the role and impact of health prevention

Focus Groups

Partners collaborated to agree a creative approach to consultation resulting in a textiles artworks representing community voice.

Working alongside artist Jessica Kinnersley, eight groups were consulted with each group focusing on specific areas of the strategy that affected them most.

These groups included:

  • Wallsend Community Champions
  • North Tyneside Artists
  • Voda NT Life Recovery College
  • Positive Pathways, Meadow Well Connected
  • Family Gateway- Families and women wellbeing group
  • Members of NTAS
  • Linskill and North Tyneside Community Development Trust – Parents Group

During these creative conversations, participants considered what a healthy and happy life would like for them and what was currently preventing this. From the conversations, individual light houses were created to showcase people’s thoughts and feelings on these issues.

Prominent thoughts and re-occurring ideas were then combined onto a textile artwork by Jessica Kinnersley as a lasting representation of the conversations.


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Thank you to our funders.

With thanks to funding and support from North Tyneside Council and Healthwatch North Tyneside.