Artsmark award is an award for schools and education establishments that is accredited by Arts Council England. The aim of the award is to make a commitment and ensure that children and young people have access to a high-quality arts and culture education.

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Awards are given for Silver, Gold and Platinum status. 

Each level is dependent on the sustainability and development of the arts and cultural integration in your school. Artsmark builds confidence in students, encourages parents and the local community participation and provides avenues for creativity and continual growth. 

Helix Arts have been an Artsmark Partner since 2019 supporting schools towards the achievement of their Artsmark award.

Here are Helix Arts, we support educational settings in achieving high quality arts provision within school settings, often contributing towards their Artsmark accreditation Whether through educational setting mentoring and support in applying/re-application or facilitating arts and culture experiences for young people. The offer is bespoke for each partnership.

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Textiles with Churchill Community College 2023

After the success of the GCSE sessions in Churchill, we have partnered up again to keep the creative juices flowing and allow further exploration of textiles. Working with artist Abigail Lagden, pupils will have the opportunity to get involved through Churchill’s new textile club and the continuation of GCSE workshops.

Artsmark Projects

Kenton School - Student Voice: Student Choice

As part of Culture Bridge North East’s Eqipp program. In close collaboration with school staff, we co-facilitated a group of 30 Year 7 pupils supported by art teacher Sarah Adams and curator and visual artist Lesley Guy to illuminate the possibilities and explain the curatorial approaches they could take and experiment within unusual spaces across the large school site. It aimed to embed pupil ownership into their whole-school approach which led to their takeover project Hidden Hybrids. 

The project aimed to contribute to:

-The development of a School Arts Council

-Elect Arts ambassadors to provide greater student voice and actively involve students in the decision-making process

-Open a School Art gallery

-Deliver Arts Award

-Artistic development for teachers, young people, artists and producers

-Young person decision making

-Implement Arts Award and accredit activity

-Co-production of programme

This contributed to their Arts Award achievements, as well as their recent Artsmark Platinum achievement.

Churchill Community College

We worked with Churchill Community College during Summer of Fun supporting their year 6/7 transitions programme.

Since the completion of Summer of Fun we supported delivery of GCSE workshops Textile artist Abigail Lagden works with students to explore modern use of fabric sculpting and crochet. This will contribute to their GCSE textiles qualifications.

We are also collaborated with CCC to explore the use of our Louder films and design some resources. Louder explores domestic and sexual violence.