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Helix Arts is a proud provider of Trinity College, London’s Arts Award and an Arts Award Champion Centre for 2023-2024. Allowing young people to not only gain accreditation but to explore the arts. 

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What is Arts Award?

Arts Awards are unique qualifications that help children and young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops skills for success in 21st-century life including creativity, leadership, reflective thinking, and communication skills. Young people also develop knowledge and understanding of their chosen art forms. They’re open to anyone aged 25 and under, and embrace all interests and backgrounds. Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment, providing them with the opportunity to “to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider art world.” 

Arts Award has five award strands which are all portfolio-based, ensuring each young person can gain an individual and unique experience designed to showcase their creativity. 

CLV Bronze AA Group 2018 CLV Bronze AA Group 2018

Bronze Arts Award

The first award level is Bronze. Available to individuals aged 11-25 years old, Bronze Arts Award allows participants to examine the arts in more depth. Person-centred, this award allows insight into what it means to be an arts practitioner, developing the young person’s personal art interests through active participation. Participants gain first-hand experience of an arts event as an audience member and learn about an inspiring arts practitioners work and career to gain self-inspiration. All this culminating in a chance to pass on their learning to their peers by passing on a new art form skill.

Young people from Cramlington Learning Village achieving Bronze. Photo by Helix Arts.

Silver Arts Award

Silver Arts Award is perfect for young leaders and young arts practitioners who want to gain new skills in the arts and gain further qualifications. A natural progression from the Bronze, Silver is split into two parts. Arts Practice and Pathways and Arts Leadership. In Arts Practice and Pathways young people are given the chance to challenge themselves through gaining new skills in an art form and reviewing arts events to gain a wider knowledge of the sector. They are supported in exploring a career in the arts and what that may entail for their own future as young art practitioners. The skills gained in the first section are then transferred to an arts leadership challenge. Here participants get to plan a unique art project which they will plan and lead either as an individual or as a group. Demonstrating leadership skills and building their own self-esteem.


Gold Arts Award

Gold Arts Award is the final qualification of the Arts Award Journey. Aimed at 16 and above, Gold Arts Award has 16 points on the UCAS tariff. The first part of the award is Personal Arts Development. This allows each young person to create their own work while continuing to develop as an arts practitioner. Young people gain experience through arts placements, reviewing the work of others and then sharing their opinions on an arts issue to connect with the wider arts community. Part two of the award allows for young people to continue developing their arts leadership. Allowing for self-discovery, Gold aims to give the young leader a chance to evolve and self-reflect as they create their own event/project which they can publically share with others.

Discover AA 11+ Logbook Discover AA 11+ Logbook

Discover Arts Award

Discover Arts Award is an introductory award and the starting point in many art awards journeys. Split into three sections it gives the participant a chance to try at least one art form, learn about various artists and share their new knowledge.

Arts Award Discover Logbook.

Explore Arts Award

Explore Arts Award is an entry-level qualification that provides a springboard into the higher levels of Arts Award and art qualifications. Aimed at ages 7-25 years, Explore gives participants the chance to create their own arts log and is a great way to introduce children and young people to the arts. Young People will partake in a wide range of arts activities, as well as appreciate arts organisations and artists through visits and research. Participants will create and develop their own individual artwork which they will have the ability to share with others.


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