Hello Longsight, this is North Shields Calling!

Posted on: 2nd June 2022

Our Story will see artist Chanje Kunda help professionals and community members explore what it is like to be a parent in Manchester.

Artwork by participant (2022)

Our Story

Last week we jointly ran our first Our Story session with Save the Children UK, staff from Longsight Children’s Centre and community members. We’re working in a blended way being present online and in person for this project. This is great as we can enjoy more face to face time and help reduce the environmental impact of our work.

Whilst online facilitation was something a bit new for our commissioners they were delighted the technology worked so well. This was thanks to careful planning and Longsight Children’s Centre’s excellent tech setup.

Next week we’re hopping on a train and heading over to the North West to meet in person. This will be the first session with our lead artist Chanje Kunda. Sometimes you need to be in the room to develop that trust needed for a project like this.

Creative Spaces to Explore

Making creative spaces where people can be brave and explore the issues that matter to them can be transformative. These sessions will help individuals feel more confident. They will help people who advocate on their behalf better understand their priorities now.

Over the coming weeks we can’t wait to share where our creative journey takes the group. We know Chanje our lead artist has lots of ideas from journalling to creative writing, vision boards to word art. Plus we’ve got exciting exhibition plans for Manchester Baby Week at Manchester Art Gallery.

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