Our Story – Not Just a Mum

May-November 2022

Our Story - a story gathering project with Longsight Children's Community in Manchester, which was commissioned by Save the Children UK.

Our Story Participant (2022)




Save the Children UK, Longsight Sure Start Children’s Centre

Stories can bring about positive change in communities. They help people make better sense of their own lives or other people's lives. We use stories to reflect on the past, think about the present and look toward the future.

Not Just A Mum Exhibition

Not just a Mum explored the challenges facing Mothers in Longsight, Manchester. This led to sharing creative outcomes in an exhibition.

Taking place in October 2022 the exhibition highlighted storytelling processes and story gathering techniques developed during a series of workshops with parents at Longsight Children’s Centre.

Our Story- Not Just a Mum Online Exhibition

If you enjoyed this exhibition, take a look at our exhibition handouts in the downloads below.

Our Story workshops

Our Story explored the challenges facing parents in Manchester. Working with an inspirational artist, parents and practitioners living and working in Longsight shared their understanding and experience of family life.

Participants worked with artist Chanje Kundra to explore creative techniques, giving them a chance to pause, share their stories with others and suggest changes that could improve their communities. This included processes like calligraphy writing and the creation of vision boards.

Outside of workshops, parents were encouraged to journal and collect their own stories from their everyday lives demonstrating the value of individuality and their experiences.

Confidence and Resilience

Through creative sessions those taking part have grown in confidence. Exploring how the arts can create a unique space to talk, participants came to appreciate the importance of their own and others stories.

Uncovering Longsight

Save the Children UK who commissioned Our Story, had the main aim to develop a clear picture of what it is like for families bringing up young children in Longsight.

Sessions helped better understand which services work and identified what was missing. Through shared learning and the creation of the exhibition, Save the Children will use this to help influence and guide the work with families and young children.

Importantly the professionals from Longsight Children’s Centre and Save the Children UK will continue to advocate for the support these families need.

With thanks to

Participants and staff from Longsight Children’s Centre and Longsight Community School who took part in ‘Our Story’ workshops and for sharing their experiences. Artist Chanje Kundra for leading the sessions and creating artwork which is being exhibited. Save the Children Manchester team.

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Chanje Kunda

Plant Picture of Chanje Kunda with Green Sofa, care of the artist's website

Chanje Kunda is a poet, playwright and performance artist. She creates work inspired by her life inspired art working across performance, literary, theatrical and live art.

Chanje has worked with a wide range of organisations including Central Manchester Hospital, the BBC, Whitworth Art Gallery.

Thank you to our funders.

This project was commissioned by Save the Children Manchester.

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