Our Blossom

June - Sept 2023

Working with National Trust Gibside and celebrating the Festival of Blossom

Our Partners:

Working with Gibside National Trust and Gateshead Council.

Creative Producer:

Polly Turner

Our Blossom

Our Blossom was commissioned by Gibside National Trust as part of the Festival of Blossom 2023 with support of Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.

Helix Arts have worked Artist Megan Randall and local community groups to create a mixed-media art installation in response to the fabulous collection of blossom trees in Gibside’s walled garden.

Artworks were created collaboratively with people from community groups within Gateshead, local to Gibside, with members of the Art Diamonds, Highfields House and volunteers from the Comfrey Project. The installation explores the theme of blossom, both here at Gibside and as experienced by the participants that made it.

This unique project delves into the beautiful and intricate process of blossoming, from buds unfurling into vibrant blooms to the bountiful fruits they produce.

The project highlighted the importance of bees and insects in maintaining the cycle of blossom. These industrious pollinators vital for the orchard at Gibside, found their place in the final artwork, emphasising the interconnected the cycle of nature.

Our Blossom: Community Exhibition

Running from July – September 2023, the local public was invited to immerse themselves in a celebration of blossom and experience the wonders of nature as seen through the eyes and hands of our community. The exhibition of the works was collectively created by the community groups alongside artist Megan Randall which went on display to visitors at Gibside.

This installation was a testament to the continuous cycle of life that surrounds us, and a reminder of our place within it. It was about understanding, appreciating, and celebrating nature’s endless beauty and the simple yet profound pleasure it brings us.

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For more information please email Polly Turner (Creative Producer).

Thanks to our project funders

With thanks to National Trust Gibside and Gateshead Council for commissioning this project. Helix Arts is a National Portfolio Organisation, supported using public funding by Arts Council England.