Mindful Map

September 2021 - March 2022

A multi-arts project with young adults working to create a new wellbeing trail in Chopwell Wood.

Helix Arts


Well Newcastle Gateshead, Forestry England, Friends of Chopwell Wood


Rachel Snape

Through autumn 2021 young adults aged 16-25 worked with lead artist Tommy Anderson to design and create a new wellbeing trail for Chopwell Wood, that responded to the aftermath of COVID-19 on the community’s mental health. 

Consultation with members of the community took place through an open workshop in the wood. Following this, young adults from Youth Focus NE and the Blaydon Inclusive Group took part in creative workshops with Tommy, writer Kate Fox and animator Sheryl Jenkins to co-produce artwork for the trail. These workshops allowed re-connection with peers, and with the creative process itself – “It’s been great to see everyone and have the opportunity to do some free writing, which I love but haven’t done for a while”.

Tranquil Trail 

The 4km route, named Tranquil Trail, takes visitors through different parts of Chopwell Wood, encouraging connection with nature. Artwork is spaced along the trail, while QR codes lead to digital animation, soundscape and spoken word that can be accessed while walking, running or riding.  The trail will be in place for 12 months from March 2022 and visitors are invited to share their experiences of the trail via social media @helixarts

The trail has been tested by families with small children and is accessible for buggies. Please note there are a couple of short hills on the route.  A number of printed maps are kept at the start of the trail, however we suggest downloading and printing off the trail map here before you visit.

You can also visit the trail virtually by clicking on the interactive map here.


Mindful Map featured in Well Newcastle Gateshead's digital story

Thanks to our Project Funders

This project is funded by Well Newcastle Gateshead, Forestry England and Friends of Chopwell Wood.