Visit Story of Place at Segedunum

Posted on: 12th April 2022

Visit our Story of Place exhibition at Segedunum in Wallsend.

Laurelle Kamara (2022)

Story of Place Exhibition is Open

Young Artists from Wallsend

As part of our Story of Place project artists from year 2 at Western Community Primary School, year 3 at Carville Primary School, and members of Beacon Hill Sixth Form worked with artist-in-residence Sue Loughlin alongside their teachers. Sue, the staff and pupils explored ways we can gather and share stories.

FREE entry to Segedunum for Residents of NE28

The children’s works is on display at Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum until September 2022. In addition, did you know North Tyneside residents with an NE28 postcode and all under 16s can visit Segedunum for free? For more information (including full t&cs) see here.

Why Stories?

Stories help us make sense of the world. When we share our stories, we let others better understand our experiences, feelings and beliefs. Stories can be told, written, and made. When we look at a sculpture we are asked to read, or interpret, its meaning. We hope you enjoy uncovering the meaning of the children’s artworks in their exhibition.

Time to Reflect

The artworks are a window into children’s lives in Wallsend during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like so many others their lives have been greatly affected by the pandemic. But their stories also give us hope and show just how resilient they have been.

During ‘lockdowns’ Children shared how they valued time with their family and friends,. They talked about timeto play, imagine,  explore. They adapted and learned in different ways.  With help and support of others they continued to enjoy and achieve, preparing for life after the pandemic.

Share your Thoughts about the Exhibition

Email Creative Producer Elizabeth or reach us on social media @helixarts on Facebook and Twitter and @helixartsne on instagram.

Clay tiles (or tablets) made by pairs of children recording their memories from lockdown. Photo credit: Laurelle Kamara (2022)

Clay tiles (or tablets) made by pairs of children recording their memories from lockdown. Photo credit: Laurelle Kamara (2022)

How many Covid Heroes can you spot in the museum? Photo credit: Laurelle Kamara (2022)

Take a line for a walk? Spirals showing the times we couldn’t move and our worlds shrank by children from Beacon Hill Sixth Form. Photo credit: Laurelle Kamara (2022)

With thanks to 

All our young artists and Sue Loughlin. The whole school communities at Beacon Hill Sixth Form, Carville Primary School and Western Community Primary School including Lauren Armstrong, Amanda Bromilow, Sarah Dixon, Mhairi Duigan, Aggie Freed, Rob Harker, Alex McCain, Ruth Patterson and Jennifer Scantlebury. Wycombe 89 Media. Beth O’Connell, Kirsty Robinson and Adam Schindler at Segedunum Roman Fort and staff across Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. Paula McCormack, Gill Gray and Kate Lockhart at Wallsend Children’s Community. 

‘Story of Place’ is made possible thanks to generous support from Wallsend Children’s Community with Save the Children supported by BVLGARI.