Story of Place

June 2021 - ongoing

Story of Place connects community members with Wallsend Children Centre's work, training them as storytellers and community champions.

Story of Place - image from 3rd session

Key Partners:

Carville Primary School, Family Entrepreneurs at the Family Gateway.

The Story of Place project connects the voice of community members into all aspects of Wallsend Children Centre's work.

Artists Lesley Guy and James Whitman are using a range of art disciplines as a form of storytelling with participants as a method of sharing narratives.

They’re working with local community champions, volunteers (including family entrepreneurs) and sector professionals (including teaching and non teaching staff).

The mixed art form approach to storytelling includes writing, a visual story, film, animation, illustration, audio, digital and combined art forms.

It’s hoped that the people who are taking part in the project will cascade their knowledge and experience to children, young people, families and staff in local schools.

The project is supported by ethnographic researchers Gill Gray and Kate Lockhart.

The project will:

  • Train ‘Community Champions’ to collect stories of residents about their Covid experiences.
  • Train story of place community researchers (or recruit a story-teller) to collect stories from practitioners and leaders in the system to tell their story of Covid.
  • Support understanding of children and young people’s resilience.
  • Showcase art and story collection.

Programme Aims:

  • To develop a group of community members as story collectors/tellers to enable a sustainable way of hearing the communities’ voice.
  • To act as a live project through this development collecting stories and building the voices of children and young people, parents and wider family members.
  • To develop Story of Place staff and some partners as story collectors/tellers to enable the voice of practitioners and leaders to be gathered and disseminated through Wallsend Children’s Centre.
  • To act as a live project through this development collecting stories and building on the voices of practitioners and leaders and their organisations.
  • To support schools to develop art-based projects to reflect and explore the resilience children have developed through Covid and how this can support future ambitions schools offer support for children to explore their resilience in a safe and supportive way.
  • To support both the community and stakeholders to engage with the outcomes in a celebratory way.

Through the Story of Place the project will:

  • Train a  group of community members who are committed to continuing to collect the stories of experience of living, working and growing up in Wallsend.
  • Enable Wallsend Children’s Centre to have live insights into community experience  to galvanise stakeholders to collaboratively work on service design and operational responses.
  • Children will  have the opportunity to explore how they use their insights to navigate their future ambitions working with staff and artists.
  • Children will have the opportunity to consider their ambitions for future (and potentially have the opportunity to discuss in family) and Wallsend Children’s Centre/schools will have the insights to support the development of co-created interventions to support ongoing development and pathways to ambitions.
  • Children will have an exhibition working with Wallsend Online and when restrictions permit, have a physical exhibition possibly in Segedunum.

Get involved!

If you’d like to be part of Story of Place, please get in touch.


Elizabeth Kane, Creative Producer.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07988115427