Heart of Care: Shining a light on the invisible role of carers

Posted on: 11th January 2024

A new artwork that shines light on the invisible role of carers will be projected onto public buildings in North Shields, Kingston-on-Thames and Bristol on 19 January.

Journal Image from Heart of Care Participant
This is a mixed media artwork that combines a musical score and an illustration of a peacock. The artwork expresses empowerment and creativity through the use of words, colors, and symbols. The musical score represents the harmony and rhythm of life, while the peacock symbolizes protection, power, strength, confidence, and pride. The heart shape and the word “BEGINNING” suggest a new start or a transformation. The artwork has a vibrant and textured appearance, with green paint splatters and paper texture.

Join us for a new outdoor projection of Heart of Care.

The new artwork is a culmination of a partnership project between Helix Arts, Rosetta Life, Bristol Black Carers and Kingston Carers’ Network.

The projection will take place on the front of the Linskill Community Centre.


Event Details

Where: Linskill Centre, Linskill Terrace, North Shields, NE30 2AY (Free on-site parking)

When: Friday 19 January from 5pm (Running in a 15 minute loop until 6:30pm)

Heart of Care shows artworks from all partners who worked with their local groups.

The project worked with carers in each location to create original artwork. The artwork shines a light on the invisible role that carers play in families and communities. It challenges the perception of care, expresses the compassion displayed in the role of carer and celebrates those in our community, who often unsupported and unpaid, care for loved ones.

The artwork is made up of a series of dance, poetry and journal images with a sound score. Original music composed by Matthew Peters will provide a backdrop for the imagery. It will be projected simultaneously in public spaces in Bristol, London and North Tyneside.

Helix Arts worked with carers from PROPS family recovery service in North Tyneside. Props works to improve the lives of families affected by alcohol and drug use.

Artist Jessica Kinnersley worked with carers to create reflective journal pages. Sessions gave participants time for themselves for self care, reflections and recovery.

One participant commented that “the sessions enabled me to think about the importance of self-care, giving myself a chance to reflect, express myself and know I wasn’t alone.”

We invite you to join us on 19th January and take a moment to understand the lives of carers.

Please RSVP to info@helixarts.com