HeArt of Care 2023


Heart of Care will take the conversations about care away from the hidden rooms of domestic settings and place them at the heart of our public spaces.

Image from Better Connect Film by Carl Joyce


Bristol Black Carers, Kingston Carers, muf architecture/arts and Caregivers Saathji, India


Amy Taylor

As a result of conversations between Rosetta Life, Helix Arts, Bristol Black Carers, Kingston Carers, muf/ architecture arts, Caregivers Saathji, India and many inspiring individuals, we are launching an arts  programme that will take the conversations about care away from the hidden rooms of domestic settings and place them at the heart of our public spaces.

This Arts Council England funded project will start in April 2023 and culminate with live projections in Autumn 2023.

Helix Arts will deliver online and in person workshops in North Tyneside in Creative Journaling. Building on the You, Your Art Project in 2022. Carers in Bristol and Kingston will also explore dance and poetry which our carers in North Tyneside can also choose to attend online.

We hope the project will enable carers to take greater ownership of the representation and perception of care in public spaces.

A Letter to Yourself Online session

Wednesday 8 November 2023 6.00 – 7.45pm

Do you have caring responsibilities for someone?
Would you like some time out for yourself to be creative?

Join us online for a relaxed creative journaling session. You will be guided to create “a letter to yourself” and given time to chat about your role as a carer.
Take time out for yourself and learn how to create personal journal pages unique to you.

Creative activity via zoom with an optional chat afterwards

No specialist art materials or experience needed

E: alexandra.marsden@helixarts.com
T: 0191 241 4931
W: www.helixarts.com

Image credit. Jessica Kinnersley

Rosetta Life

Rosetta Life is an arts-in-health organisation with twenty years experience of delivering pioneering performance arts projects in partnership with people living with serious or life limiting illnesses. Their vision is to enable all those living with life threatening illnesses and their families to live a full creative life. Their mission is to enable people to access participatory performance arts activities through transformative co-creation processes that improve the quality of life for all those who participate, and to transform perceptions of illness among those who witness the performances, live or online.

Get Involved

If you are a carer or group and would like to be involved please contact us.

Thank you to our funders.

This project has been funded by Arts Council England.