Where can I get free?


Working with groups of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Refugee women facing spatial violence.

Where can I get free? was a collaboration between Helix Arts, Northumbria University and the Angelou Centre. Spatial violence describes how a person can be discriminated in and around their own space and environment, through lack of access to services and questions about their right to be in the country.

Using Snakes and Ladders as a starting point (and renamed Chutes and Ladders for fear of snakes) the women designed a game to explore themes such as:

  • Geographical, legal and marital status
  • Cultural, racial, national and religious identity
  • Motherhood, family, friendship
  • Personal achievements and ambition
  • Gender inequality
  • Contemporary history and politics

Free movement is determined by factors such as a chance roll of a dice, law, policies, prejudice, finances, education, local and national bureaucracy as well as spatial violence. The women also made a mixed media textile artwork to illustrate some of their experiences and emotions.

Where can I get free? was supported by the Department of Geography at Northumbria University Central as part of Dr Kathryn Cassidy’s research to understand how participatory arts can break down barriers and improve health and well-being.