Telling Tales


Telling Tales was developed by a volunteer project team which was born from a capacity building programme “Make Art Happen.”


Birtley Community Partnership

What if Your Hand Could Tell Stories?

Working in collaboration with lead artist Effie Burns, Telling Tales enabled the older people who live in wardened accommodation in Birtley to share their untold stories.

Through a series of creative workshops the group were able to explore their own personal histories. Each session became a process of collecting memories, ideas, words, geographical maps, photographs and small objects that had a personal significance to the group.

Through the process of making the participants were able to gain the confidence to express their ideas and try new things. They worked with a variety of materials from cellophane to clay and enamel transfers. There was also a trip to St. Mary’s Heritage Centre, Newcastle City Library and the artist’s studio to discover more. By recognizing the relevance and importance of their individual stories the project celebrated the lives of the participants and revealed the tales they have to tell.