Slam Fresh Make It Happen


Don Macdonald- Slam Fresh was successful in achieving our 2021 Make It Happen Commission for Gateshead.

Slam Fresh Logo
This is a graphic image that features the phrase “SLAM FRESH” in bold, stylized text, along with a drawing of a microphone. The image is in black and white, with a minimalist design. The text and the microphone suggest a theme of spoken word, poetry, or rap. The image has a sense of motion and energy, with lines radiating from behind the text.


Heworth Grange Innovation Centre


Cheryl Gavin

Don Macdonald worked with students from Heworth Grange Innovation Centre to create a series of poems which reflected on the challenges caused by the pandemic. Using performance skills and creative writing to discuss and positively channel young people’s experiences into creative peices.

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Thank you to our funders.

This Make It Happen Commission programme was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.