Sea of Lost Souls


Local residents and volunteers took part in Make Art Happen in 2015 to develop their own participatory project, the Sea of Lost Souls.

Community mosaic created with artist Susan Warlock


The Old Low Light


Cheryl Gavin

The aim of the Make Art Happen project team at The Old Low Light was to engage local residents in a project which would highlight ‘Heritage and New Industry’ through visual art.

Working with artist Susan Warlock for six weeks the project participants worked to create a series of group mosaics around the theme of ‘Heritage and Lost Industry’ of North Shields. Creating a collection of mosaic artworks that were later exhibited at The Old Low Light.

“Really enjoyed this course, fantastic workshops and Susan has been brilliant. Love the idea that we have a joint piece going into the Heritage Centre.”

Workshop participant

“Fantastic workshops and a brilliant opportunity to be part of the making of a communal mosaic. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session. Thanks.”

Workshop Participant

“Have really enjoyed the workshops, found it very absorbing and Susan gave great encouragement and guidance when needed.”

“Feel a measure of satisfaction to have converted what I had learnt in the Make Art Happen Training Course to a live and dynamic arts project”


Old Low Light project trainee