Falling On Your Feet

2016 - Ongoing

Falling On Your feet is a dance programme targeting people aged 55+ aiming to encourage staying active and meeting new people

Image of dancer's hands from Falling On Your Feet Amble.


Arts and Health / Carers

Falling On Your Feet has been running since 2016. Most recently Falling On Your feet running at Segedenum in Wallsend.

What is Falling On Your Feet?

Falling On Your Feet is one of Helix Arts’ dance and health programmes. It offers the chance to work with professional artists to create dance together, expressing stories through movement while developing strength and flexibility, and making new friends

Why take part?

With all the stress we face on a daily basis it can be hard to find time to relax and have fun, never mind finding it to do exercise. Falling On Your Feet has you covered, even with only one session a week Falling On Your Feet can help reduce stress and have fun as it provides that social time to make new friends or connections and build on those as the sessions continue.

You will work with a Professional dancer to create and learn your own dance, The instructor will work with you to ensure you aren’t falling behind and will work at your pace, this is to also try help building your confidence when moving on your own also

Take part in FREE weekly sessions to improve your fitness, learn new ways to move AND you do it all having fun!

Dance can help in other ways too;

  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase strength & balance
  • Boost memory
  • Help your heart

Read below about our current and past Falling On Your Feet projects.

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Polly Turner

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