Door Dance Wave


Dancing your way to new friendships in your neighbourhood and beyond.

Fertile Ground devising for Door Dance Wave
Dora Frankel Fertile Ground


Arts and Health

Dancers from Fertile Ground worked in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne. They developed a dance move with local people that could be copied, altered and shared on social media using the hashtag #doordancewave.

How to do #doordancewave

Door Dance Wave developed a digital dance challenge that involved a social media campaign to  promote the health and well-being of residents across Walker, Newcastle.

Helix Arts joined forces with Fertile Ground Dance Company and local residents from Walker and Byker, Newcastle, to create the purposeful, fun, contemporary dance  leading to onsite and online performances.

Professional dancers and local community groups created the dance. Members of the public were invited to do their version of the dance, record it and upload it on their socials using #doordancewave.

It then took to the streets of Walker to celebrate the challenge.

The Door Dance Wave challenge:

  • Find a friend
  • Find a door
  • Play music
  • Dance through the door
  • Film it
  • Share it on social media #doordancewave #Walker #NE6
  • Challenge all your friends to do it too

Musician Jamie Young created this piece of music specifically for #doordancewave.

Download the #doordancewave music. Do it. Film it. Share it.

The project was curated by Dr. Dominic Smith and the late Craig Wilson, supported by Building Futures East and Walker Park.

Dancer, curators and choreographers devising Door Dance Wave

The dance steps

  • Clap
  • Little wave
  • Big wave
  • Move through the door
  • Clap
  • Little wave
  • Big wave
  • Strike a pose

Check out the hashtag on Instagram to watch others who’ve taken the #doordancewave challenge:

Thanks to our Project Funders

This project was funded by Community Foundation‘s Newcastle Culture Investment Fund.