Dance with Kelsey

January-March 2022

Kelsey worked with Helix Arts as part of her master's degree in Dance Science and Education at Edinburgh University. Kelsey guided various groups across North Tyneside to develop their arts practice as dancers.

Photo credit: Meadow Well Connected Youth Group

Key Partners:

Meadow Well Connected, YMCA Willington, YMCA Jarrow


Kelsey Thompson

Groups worked alongside Kelsey to co-produce musical and dance pieces to present to other group members and their friends and family.

Hairspray Madness

Hairspray Madness was comprised of young people aged 8-16 from  Meadow Well Connected. The young people were supported by Kelsey to create musical numbers to the iconic songs of Hairspray.

Learning new tricks and dance moves which they enjoyed performing to one another and their family and friends at a sharing event.

Dance Attack

Dance Attack formed part of the YMCA Willington Quay programme in Wallsend. Participants collaborated with Kelsey to create a street dance around the theme of bullying. Exploring feelings that stem from being bullied and how to combat it.

YMCA Jarrow

Young people took part in a series of taster sessions exploring movement and different styles of dance.

Falling on your feet

A dance programme for people over 55 in North Tyneside who have caring responsibilities for a loved one or close friend. Kelsey collaborated with the Better Connect Wallsend cohort alongside lead artist Yuvel Soria to create a dance piece with the participants. Each week adding new elements to make a routine representative of them.