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A network for creative professionals who are aligned to the work of Helix Arts, across different fields and settings.

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Artists’ network events we love to share, listen, support, collaborate and much more.

We host a number of network events throughout the year as part of our work to support and develop artists. We’re keen to hear about innovations across participatory arts and digital – to expand the breadth, reach and approach in our work with partners and communities.

We listen to a few guests talking about current ideas and projects. These are given as gifts to a network of peers. We simply hold the ‘space’.

We hope this space offers an opportunity to share accomplishments and challenges. An exploration for new collaborations, opportunities and possibilities.

Each event will have a geographical focus. It is open to any creatives, artists, makers, techies, producers etc. No limits. If you need support to access these events, please get in touch.

We also run a cultural hub for those creatives and connectors working across culture, health and well-being in North Tyneside.

A selection of highlights from our artists' events and drop ins

During our artists events we invited Beccy Bryers to share her top tip in 10 minutes for podcasting from her experience at the BBC.

What would you like to see at the artists' network?

Do suggest what you would like at futures events, offer spaces or gifts for content.


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Image of Artists' event