Let’s Celebrate Projects Keeping us Healthy

Posted on: 10th March 2022

It's #SocialPrescribingDay! A day of celebration shining a spotlight on creative, heritage, and green projects helping keep us healthy. So let's celebrate #BetterConnect...

Together our Better Connect alliance reaches hundreds of people across the North Tyneside delivering creative experiences improving their wellbeing. People take part to improve their physical and mental health. For instance, our participants might want to improve their strength, balance and make new connections with Falling on Your Feet or giving young carers the chance to create in a relaxed space on Making Memories.

Who is Better Connect For?

We are especially committed to helping people who are or have been carers. That means people who help someone on a regular basis and aren’t paid to do that work.

We know many people don’t recognise themselves as carers. They are a mam to a child with special needs or a wife to a husband with cancer. This is why we are keen to stress Better Connect is inclusive. We welcome anyone onto the programme who might face some of the same challenges as people who recognise and identify as a carer. You can be referred to the programme or you can sign up yourself if you think you might benefit.

Our whole team and associate artists feel passionate about social prescribing. Social prescribing helps address health inequalities and is about social justice. 

Take Time Out For You

As part of Better Connect Jessica Kinnersley was filmed delivering a live session over zoom by Carl Joyce. This class will introduce the concept of creative journaling. In this film she will guide you to create a ‘care cairn’. Whether you choose to follow Jess’s film closely or use it as a starting point we encourage you to take time out for yourself. We want your work to represent you, how you care, and also how people perceive care and the role of carers across society. 

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