Oscar’s Placement Blog

Posted on: 7th June 2024

An overview of my week as a volunteer on a work placement at Helix Arts


Day 1: Monday

When I first arrived at Helix Arts, I was introduced to the tasks I would have to do over the week. When I saw these tasks, I was excited by the opportunities to travel to events outside of the office, such as workshops. After this induction, I travelled with Cheryl to a workshop at Northumbria University on how to work with artists and once we got there, I helped set up the workshop with Cheryl for the participating teachers. During this workshop, I saw the behind the scenes work of a teacher, which was something brand new and surprising for me, and arts in a working environment, which was shown through a slideshow and many collaborative tasks. After the workshop, my day was done and I’d had a good day overall.

Day 2: Tuesday

The 2nd day of my placement at Helix Arts involved me being in the office all day. My first task of the day was to organise images on Dropbox. I had not used Dropbox previously but I found the job relatively simple and enjoyable. However, my second task of creating fortune tellers involved some rather unsuccessful attempts, but I did laugh at this lack of success. I also helped Megan in choosing which branding should be used for the Make it Happen project. After my lunch break, I helped Stephen and Katie with finding specific items from the archives.

Day 3: Wednesday

The 3rd day of my placement at Helix Arts started with a task of adding subtitles to old films on YouTube. I also had a conversation with Stephen and Megan about how to market to young people. In the afternoon, me and Megan went over plans for a ‘Artists Afternoon’ event, which I thought had a creative name.

Day 4: Thursday

My day started out with a team meeting about Artists’ Associates, which was fun and for a part of it I was able to be the scribe for ideas. In the afternoon, me and Alex went to the Better Connect – Ceramics workshop in North Shields. At first, I didn’t know where to start with ceramics but as the workshop progressed I began to improve at this. After that, I finally achieved creating a fortune teller after many failed attempts over the past few days.

Day 5: Friday

On my final day of work placement at Helix Arts, me and Stephen went to the North Shields 800th anniversary celebration event at Collingwood Monument, where a drone photo was taken of all the people who turned up to the event.

In the afternoon, me and Cheryl went to the MotherOther exhibition, where I saw some interesting artwork and I shared some thoughts on the exhibition on a piece of paper.