1 week with Helix Arts

Posted on: 23rd June 2023

Me and Daryna spend a week with Helix Arts and we both are writing a blog on what we have done with them this week with them, my blog includes Daryna as we did everything together so it feels right to include her in this.


Mine and Daryna's week with Helix Arts

19/06 (Monday)

In the morning me and Daryna both arrived at Helix Arts on time and met the team there. during the day we spent time setting up tablets there, reorganizing the cupboard so everything is easier to access.

20/06 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday me a Daryna went to Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum for the ‘Falling on Your Feet’ session support. They gather there every week to dance and stretch their muscles but as I don’t dance not out of me having no rhythm but because I don’t like to dance nor am I comfortable with it so I sat down when it came to dancing but tried take part in everything else, when the warm ups were over Daryna took part in the games that was played there and danced while I sat and listened to the music.

21/06 (Wednesday)

On Wednesday me and Daryna got to learn ab bit about ‘#Never’ with Paul to learn a bit about people experiences with drug abuse. When me and Daryna got on the bus to head to Ashington I felt anxious but when we got there I got the feeling of achievement go over me as I had never been on transportation without family members with me. The people there where all so kind and polite to us and each other and the music they created for the event was nice to listen too.

22/06 (Thursday)

On Thursday, Daryna was taught how to use a proper camera so she could take photos for the event, we also found a way to get access to the the look out above the room we were in and the only way we could get up there was by a lift and turning a key and the stairs had a lock the kept us out so we took the lift up there when we needed pictures from a higher point. Since Daryna was taking pictures I had to take notes related to the topic I was around at the time. When I was there I learnt that the art community is very large and far reaching.

23/06 (Friday)

Our last day at Helix Arts me and Daryna put away more or the equipment from the event yesterday and after we have done that we both got started on finishing our blog.