Writers who care


Writers who care was a Make It Happen Commission project by artist Liv Hunt.

Writers who care was a Make It Happen Commission project by Liv Hunt. Bringing together a group of unpaid carers, each week the group met to learn new skills in creative writing, listen to one another, offer connection and support. As the project evolved per session to meet the needs and the wants of the carers, so did the material created. Forming an anthology as a group, members wrote pieces which connected with one another reflecting on the world and being a carer.

“The Our Story project has given me purpose. I really do feel like I can make a worthwhile contribution. I have suffered my whole adult life with mental I’ll health, writing has given me a voice. My life is richer now. Not only have I made friends but they are friends who get me and are creative too. I’ve never had that, ever. My writing is a balm for my soul, a way for me to express feelings and thoughts. I feel privileged to have been apart of something so special.”


“I have found as time has gone on with both encouragement from Liv and also other members of the group my confidence has grown. I still think I have more learning to do with regards to Creative Writing but I do feel that I am getting there.”


Thank you to our funders.

Thank you to our funders Gateshead Council and Well Newcastle Gateshead.