Artists’ Agency


Get involved in one of our many artist development opportunities across the region.

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Artists’ Agency is our artist development programme. It offers a range of support for artists including training opportunities, mentoring and networking events.

Why take part?

There are many benefits of getting involved in one of our artist development programmes. These include:

  • Skills development in working in participatory arts and managing projects
  • Meet like minded individuals at our events and networking
  • Paid bursaries for several of our opportunities to support development
  • A chance to pitch for paid commissions

Check out some other projects Helix Arts currently are or have supported

Over the last 40 years we’ve worked with a variety of artists across numerous artforms – providing opportunities for employment, training, support and mentoring.

Many of the artists we’ve supported have gone on to develop their practice and worked on their own projects, and we’ve continued to support them on their journeys by:

  • Sharing marketing & promotion
  • Supporting funding bids
  • Providing commissions & small pots of funding
  • Reviewing project plans
  • Supporting networking & relationship building