Georgian Cluedo performance centrepiece of Heritage Action Zone celebrations!

Posted on: 22nd August 2023

Don't miss our Georgian Cluedo performance at The Exchange 1856 in North Shields - part of the North Shields Heritage Action Zone Cultural Partners Celebration Showcase.


STARTS 2.30pm.


Georgian Cluedo is a short Georgian era inspired performance originally organised and performed by young people. Young people took part in Helix Arts’ Make it Happen to plan their own event. They worked with writer Debbie Beeks to create the initial Georgian Cluedo performance in December 2022.

This reworked show builds on the work produced previously. Debbie Beeks delves further into the history of the square and its inhabitants.

Performed at The Exchange Theatre 1856, as part of the Heritage Action Zone celebration, Georgian Cluedo invites audiences to discover the mysteries and secrets surrounding the inhabitants of Northumberland Square and North Shields.

It is 1836, Northumberland Square. Dolly has lost her friend, have you seen her?

Meet the characters around Northumberland Square as the mystery unfolds…

Funded by Historic England.